Picture This

Teams create a storyboard representing their views in a 6 framed comic strip.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
6 - Unlimited


In Picture This teams are given a predetermined theme. Equipped with a storyboard and props they discuss how they will represent their given theme in a 6 framed comic strip. Once their story board is determined, roles are allocated. Actors dress up and get into position to capture the photograph in a creative meaningful way. Once complete they utilise a simple to use software program to combine the photographs into a "photo story" comic strip presentation. In a surprise finale all the pages join to make one continuous story. The whole group succeeds as one, providing a memorable climax to this thought-provoking activity.

Learning Outcomes

In Picture this teams use a mixture of creative thinking and team work to deliver a meaningful message in just six action frames! Picture This is a great way of exploring company missions, product stories or simply a fun themed team building exercise for your next Christmas Party or seasonal staff day out. Teams utilise creative thinking and humour to create a unique storyboard. Resource management and ingenuity are required to take the photographs that depict each scene. For a collaborative approach, all teams are given the same topic and each of the team’s comic strips must join together to create one long narrative. Comic Strips can be printed on mugs or T-shirts as a fun reminder of the activity.

Related Testimonial

Picture This! was a great excuse for us to be a little silly and have fun together. We have used the experience to highlight to the team ongoing the importance of being creative and innovative when thinking about the best way to carry out daily processes.


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