Sands of Time

Teams collaborate to complete desert themed challenges to decipher a code

1 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


Teams race against the sand filtering to complete a series of challenges. In the Bat Cave they must decode the hieroglyphics and unjumble the letters to discover a word which is one clue to unravelling the desert mystery. While in 'The Desert Mine", teams guide blindfolded team members to discover the jewels. 'The Desert Crossing' challenges team dynamics as they work to move all team members to the right positions across the desert. While in "Jewel in the Pyramid" all team members are required to work a grabbing arm in unison to retrieve a jewel. Teams assemble a desert puzzle and read the clues to uncover the dinosaur bones from the desert sands in 'The Dig'. Once all challenges are complete, teams come together with all their clues uncovered and r to solve the final mystery!

Learning Outcomes

Skilful communication and team dynamics are required to successfully complete each of the tasks. Teams must work against the clock managing resources to complete each task successfully. Team dynamics are important. Effective role allocation and full engagement from each participant will lead to success. Teams must employ lateral thinking to workout how to complete the challenges. Individual strengths become apparent and the team bonds together. In the final states, teams learn to collaborate. They must share their clues and employ their various skills in order to solve the ultimate mystery.

Related Testimonial

We are focusing on creative and innovative thinking in our team and wanted to do something that stepped us away from digital into an old school learning environment. Sands of Time was great fun and highlighted the importance of thinking outside the box.


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