Treasure Island

Teams race to get all team members to a central island and open a treasure chest.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
16 - Unlimited


In Treasure Island, teams work to get all team members to a central island and open a treasure chest. They have 3 beams, a rope and, luckily, there are small rocks in between that work as safe places. They use the beams to make bridges between them and move the whole team toward the island. As teams move closer to the island, the methods they used before no longer work. Teams soon realise that to succeed they must collaborate. Together the teams can work their way to the island and open the chest for a great surprise.

Learning Outcomes

Treasure Island has been called the 3 S Island: Synergy, Sharing and Solidarity, because that’s the attitude needed to reach it, like so many real life challenges. The game demands that agile thinking is rewarded. Just like a real life scenario, participants must employ innovative thinking and not get stuck in habitual processes. Agile thinking and effective communication assists teams to manage change. It is a challenging experiential learning activity that requires creative problem solving and appreciation of the power of collaboration for success.

Related Testimonial

Excellent way of encouraging agile thinking. Treasure Island has become an important metaphor for us to reflect on as a team.


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