Essence of Excellence

Teams create a fragrance and design a campaign

1 - 2 hours
4 - Unlimited


In Essence of Excellence teams become alchemists, experimenting with exotic extracts to create a blend that captures the essence of their target market. Teams discuss and define the mood, likes and characteristics of their target market. Teams learn the basic techniques of perfumery, teams blend base, mid and top ‘notes’ to create a ready-to-wear fragrance. They then support their fragrance with a powerful and persuasive marketing campaign which they present to the whole group.

Learning Outcomes

The customer is the focus in Essence of Excellence. Teams are required to understand the emotions and motivations of their target market in order to capture its essence with a bespoke scent and a creative brand. During the process, participants’ own perceptions are explored and compared with that of others, highlighting that we each operate from a unique and valid model, This realisation brings understanding, bridges cultural gaps and builds relationships within each team. It also brings a deeper understanding of customers and their perceptions.

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Its been a long time since I thought of my grandfather's tobacco pipe. It was enthralling and I am still reflecting on how my views differ from others due to culture and background experience

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