Sound Crowd

Teams are guided through actions to find team mates in a silent disco.

5 - 20 minutes
15 - Unlimited


In Sound Crowd, participants put on headphones that are tuned to a specific frequency. A voice tells them to listen and carry out the actions as they hear them, in time to the music. Soon participants start to act out the scenarios as they wander around the silent room, in time to the music. With each track change each participant is presented with a different carefully designed action. Gradually led by the extroverts in the room, confidence builds and the actions become more demonstrative.

At each change it becomes apparent that everyone is not doing the same action some are steering a group of husky dogs in a strong wind while others may be watching and applauding a magnificent firework display with all the pops bangs ooos and aaas. As they move and mingle, people discover who is doing the same actions as themselves and they are guided to group together. The activity ends with a collective music track and everyone is joined together doing the same actions.

Learning Outcomes

Sound Crowd is a lively icebreaker that generates 100% engagement and gets every participant moving, grooving and grinning. It is a marvellous way to break down barriers breaking down as people are linked by sounds and actions, their verbal communications overridden by the headphones. Imagine the outcome from everyone interacting and laughing as they meet and greet each other in a totally unique format where no verbal communication is necessary - just pure body language, enthusiasm, solidarity, fun and smiles.

Sound Crowd is a marvellous example of barriers breaking down as people are linked by sounds and actions while having their usual verbal communications overridden by the headphones. Sound Crowd is fun and thought-provoking, adding energy to any conference. It has been specifically designed with a flexible format which can be tailored to suit any group. Tracks are tailored to create an experience that mirrors or adds to your conference theme.

Related Testimonial

That was enormously good fun. Everyone relaxed. We were moving and networking without having to worry about saying the right thing or even what language to speak in! Made me realise how music is the universal language.


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